Grimm Noire

Flaming Abes
The Log Cabin Republicans were Right!

Well for the first time since I left I have enough money to spare to send a letter home to you Dad. I’m not making much progress in forming my own branch of the family although my current work is probably going to be helpful in regard. I’ve been hired to clean up corruption in the local police force by a Ms. White, who is the daughter of the recently deceased Commissioner. There’s going to be even more irony piling up here father.
Of the people working with me, Tommy Two-Gun Six Feather seems to be the one that is at least not extremely creepy. He was a fighter pilot during the war and apparently took part in the mission that killed Admiral Yamamoto so there is perhaps even more irony in my being comfortable with him. Physically he seems rather like a Basan but more like a crane than a chicken and he spews lightning instead of fire. The other people involved in this civic cleansing are Prince Charming and the Krampus. Prince fancies himself something of a ladies man, despite physically resembling a hornless Oni. With that face, the fact that he gets any women at all attests to his skill. The Krampus is a strange creature who apparently exists to punish bad children. His countenance is rather like that of a man goat. Maybe saying he’s like a more discriminating Gagoze would get the general idea across to you?

Anyway, we attempted to stop a protection racket being done by the cops. These corrupt policemen don’t understand the proper way of conducting these rackets and demanded in excess of what the baker they were threatening could pay and intentionally destroyed the bakery when we engaged them in battle. In addition to the various thugs and some sort of flaming dog there were tiny Abraham Lincolns made of fire, who ultimately were responsible for burning down the shop. It’s really strange here. We did what we could to fight the fire and Krampus rescued some children from the second floor of the bakery.

Afterwards we acquired some leads with regards to a facility by the wharf where some sort of smuggling is taking place. We are currently laying low in the brothel of one Ms. Muffet.


Your Son

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