Unique Mechanics: Spell Points, Metamagic Augments

What are Spell Points?
Spell Points represent a simple mechanic that allows access to Metamagic Augments, which enhance a player’s Arcane spells. Below are just a few benefits these augments can provide.

  • Extend the range of a spell
  • Increase amount of damage dealt by a spell
  • Increase number of enemies targeted by a spell
  • Change or add type(s) of damage caused by a spell

Spell Points

How does this differ from standard-issue 4th Edition D&D?
Normally, a player simply uses a “Power”, and may obtain some bonus to accuracy, range, duration or damage from fellow players’ abilities, items, or judgement from the Game Master. With Spell Points, a player has his or her own benefits that can be applied in addition to these.

Gaining Spell Points and Augments

Characters of Arcane class gain Spell Points on a tier-by-tier basis. At first level, and throughout the initial Heroic tier, a player has 1 Spell Point. Another is gained when a character reaches the second, or Paragon tier, and another at the final Epic tier. Spell Points “reset” in number at the end of the player’s turn. Unused spell points do not “stack” with the new points.

Each class begins with at least 3 Metamagic Augments, though the amount does vary. Just like Spell Points, one augment is gained with each tier.

Using Spell Points: the Metamagic Augments

A Spell point activates a Metamagic Augment, giving an Arcane character a benefit of some kind. Each Arcane class has different Metamagic Augments available to them, though some classes do share a few. Unless otherwise specified by the Game Master, the use of Spell Points must be declared before any dice are rolled for an attack spell. Spells can only be augmented if Spell Points are spent. Once the use is declared, the Spell Point is deducted from the appropriate area of the Character Sheet, and the spell is cast.

As an example, let us say that a player’s 14th Level Wzard wants to augment his Burning Hands spell by spending both of his Spell Points to activate his Widen Spell and Sculpt Spell Metamagic Augments. After telling the Game Master he wants to spend these points, he casts Burning Hands. Predictably, Widen Spell increases the spell’s affected area by 1 square to be a close blast 6, while Sculpt Spell allows him to refrain from targeting one square within the blast, so the party’s Rogue is safe from the flames.

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