Create Your Character In XX Easy Steps

Step 1: Choose Your Character Concept

Sounds easy enough, right? Got that image in your head? That thing you always thought was awesome from your Mythology…Oh. You want to be Iago from Aladdin? Ooookay. We can roll with that.

Race: Kenku (because you’re a bird, but a Macaw instead of a crow or raven)
Gender: Doesn’t matter
Alignment: Unaligned (since you’re a dirty little sneak)

Step 2: Choose your Background

That’s right folks. Step right up and choose a shiny new Background! This will determine what skills you start off with as being “trained”. Your Iago was a con-man on the street. We’ll go with Scoundrel. As a Scoundrel, you gain an automatic step bonus to all checks involving 4 of the following skills: Athletics, Bluff, Diplomacy, Insight, Intimidate, Streetwise, Thievery, Vehicle Operation In addition, you gain the Auspicious Background Benefit, and the Background Feat Devil’s Own Luck. See Backgrounds for more details.

Step 3: Choose your Class

Pretty standard stuff here, you get to pick one of the many lovely classes that are available in the game already, or one that Lukas had previously made up (if you don’t have that info, let me know and I’ll give it to you). Iago led a rough life on the streets before becoming the right hand bird of the infamous Jafar, who used to run the Mayor’s office through blackmail and other forms of extortion. He is a Rogue.

Step 4: Choose your Powers, Theme, etc.

At this point, you still have the option of going with the stuff that Lukas has created, but I’m going to open it up to the stuff from my old game, as well. If you can convince me that your sorcerous dude can open portals because he’s the human incarnation of Alice’s Mirror, you might consider the Confluence Mage Initiate Theme is a good idea. Iago wants to be sneakier, and even more bad-ass than he already is, so he chose to go with the Keeper of the Way Theme for Martial Strikers.

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Create Your Character In XX Easy Steps

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