Unique Mechanic: Maneuvers

What are Maneuvers?
They are, simply put, what D&D defines as attack “Powers”. There are three types of maneuvers.

  • Basic Maneuvers (AKA “At Will Powers”)
  • Advanced Maneuvers (AKA “Encounter Powers”)
  • Master Maneuvers (AKA “Daily Powers”)

Maneuver Points

How is this different from 4th Edition D&D?
The primary distinction between Martial classes in the existing 4th Edition of D&D and this advanced version is that performing Maneuvers requires the use of Maneuver Points. At first level, players have:

  • 2 Basic Maneuvers (requires no point usage)
  • 1 Advanced Maneuver
  • 1 Master Maneuver

Gaining Maneuver Points

The number of Maneuver Points a player has changes as a character increase in level, gaining more with each new maneuver the character learns. When a player gains a new Advanced Maneuver, they receive 1 Advanced Maneuver Point. Master Maneuvers give 1 Master Maneuver Point each. Swapping out maneuvers at higher levels does not provide new maneuver points.

Using Maneuver Points: Use Types and “Spending” Points

Keeping in mind the basic structure of a turn (Move, Minor and Standard Actions, as well as Action Points), one can use as many maneuvers as one has actions and maneuver points. That said, a player can only spend Advanced Maneuver Points for maneuvers of the same type. Master Maneuver Points can be used for either Advanced or Master Maneuvers, however, but this causes a player to be without Master Maneuver Points until they are replenished.

An Advanced Maneuver is not expended after use. It is the maneuver points which are expended. For example, let us say that a fighter uses the Sweeping Blow maneuver in the first round of combat. The player marks one Advanced Maneuver Point as expended, but she still has two more points in the Advanced Maneuvers area of the Character Sheet. The fighter may use Sweeping Blow again on the very next turn if she chooses, so long as she has the maneuver points to do so.

Just like the Advanced Maneuvers, Master Maneuvers are not expended so long as Master Maneuver Points remain. Master Maneuver Points may be used for Advanced Maneuvers, but this depletes the store of Master Maneuver Points. Let us return to the above example.

The same fighter’s favorite Master Maneuver is Crack the Shell, which she does not use until round four, when her character becomes bloodied. One Master Maneuver Point is marked as expended, and two remain. In the next round, the fighter takes a significant critical hit, which nearly brings her down, and she uses Crack the Shell again for the use of the healing surge. At the end of round 8, the encounter is winding down, and the fighter does not want to use Crack the Shell, but knows that Sweeping Blow would be a better idea. This presents a problem, because she has used all of her Advanced Maneuver Points. She instead expends one of her two Master Maneuver Points for Sweeping Blow, and brings down the most threatening enemy. Unfortunately, She has no more Master Maneuver Points.

Replenishing Maneuver Points

Martial characters regain Maneuver Points at different rates, depending on the Maneuver type. Advanced Maneuver Points “reset” after a short rest, while Master Maneuver Points are replenished after an extended rest. Our fighter above convinces the party that they need to hunker down for a few minutes to catch a breath or two, and bandage wounds. During this time, she regains all of her Advanced Maneuver Points. They must keep moving, however, and cannot stop long enough that she can replenish her Master Maneuver Points. That will not happen until a more significant rest is taken.

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