Evening, Gentlemen.

Something’s unbalanced in the Land of Make Believe. The villains all seem a little too chummy, almost like they’re forming some kind of labor union that hasn’t gotten political yet. Because things have gotten hairy, the men upstairs have started to gather heroes to play gangbusters. Welcome to the club, whether you like it or not.

The Skinny

Normally there’s a balance. Good and bad, light and dark. Something is throwing that balance off, and the less-than-savory elements of society have been moving in the open a lot more often. It didn’t take long for the people in charge to come up with a plan to even up the odds. That’s where you come in. You, and others like you, are going to help us to set things right. If we have to do a little wrong to get there, so be it.

Stylistic Period of Reference: 1940’s.
For helpful (and fun) slang: Hard Boiled Slang

Character Creation: Pick a Fairy/Folktale Character (non-uber bad guy; i.e. Maleficent) and stat them out as a D&D character at 4th Level. Some latitude with character concept is inevitable, but don’t go too crazy. For example, if you want to play one of the fairy godmothers from Sleeping Beauty, you can make her a pixie mage, but for a bit of a twist, why not go full elf or make it a fairy godfather that’s Eladrin and likes pink? Don’t want the cliche? That’s fine. If you’re gonna turn the fairy godmother into a half-orc, you need to tell me why, though (“more damage” is not a reason).

The character I quickly made as an example for myself was Scheherazade from The Arabian Nights. I turned her into a Tiefling. Totally allowable if you get cursed by a djinn for telling too many unflattering stories. ‘Zade is also a bard, which fits her story nicely.

This is not only going to be a test of our group creativity, but a way to playtest some of the new mechanics that Lukas has come up with for continuing 4e after 5th ed comes into play. I will provide all of the elements I’d like you to use, i.e., backgrounds, feats, etc. You can find those below under Character Options. We want to test everything from character creation to combat attack bonuses (which will also work differently) and skills. As with everything posted here, if you see a problem let us know and we can make changes accordingly.

Stuff I need from you:

  • Short description of your character (i.e., what fairytale they come from, what’s their name, what twist you’ve put on them)
  • Three secrets only your character and those close to him/her know
  • At least one vice or weakness that your character has

Character Options
Gear and Guns

Rule/Base Mechanic Changes
Step Bonus
Power Sources

Create Your Character In Four Easy Steps

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